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Ram Runners

Ram Runners is a sports group, run by local people aiming to get the local community involved in physical activities, we are a non-profit community organisation dedicated to providing athletics, multi-skilled, multi-sports, speed and agility, and fitness sessions to the local community, educational establishments and sports clubs within Kirklees. Ram Runners strive to make physical activity accessible to all and bring athletics to life for children. Ram Runners are unique because of the innovative coaching methods used to promote the physical and social development of participants.

Ram Runners specialises in sprinting. Ram Runners ethos is that SPEED is the underpinning CRITERIA to be a success in all sport. All our athletes have shown huge improvements with their speed. Ram Runners believe that speed is one of the main or if not the main component for success in all sports.

Anyone can run fast, but with the right technique you can out perform your personal goals and become a much faster athlete. “It’s not about how fast you run, it’s about how you run fast” – Ram Runners will show you the way!